About Us

Money Sense

Dan Segura

The Bank On Yourself ® History is one of providing insurance solutions for today’s financial challenges, solutions that provide both safety and peace of mind in navigating through today’s turbulent times. Currently, Money $ense® brings certainty, as well as the opportunity to amass wealth competitively, safely, and securely without the roller coaster ride of the market. Our strategies also help in minimizing taxation at retirement. We provide comprehensive financial strategies, that, in addition to the above, also provides needed access to funds without penalty, thereby empowering our clients to confidently finance life’s needs as they present themselves by becoming their own bank, saving thousands of dollars in finance charges. Our clients are empowered to manage their financial affairs easily and effeciently by equipping themselves with tools and resources that, not only have a proven history of 160 years, but which are greatly enhanced and enriched to meet the current challenges that we see in our world today.

Core Values

Great satisfaction comes from both. Honesty is its own defense, truth endures. Both are trustworthy.

Honor must be a culture in business.  A culture of honor keeps our clients in high esteem, driving our efforts to always do what is right for our clients.

Our strong desire is to enable and empower our clients to achieve maximum wealth, given their financial resources, by always increasing and never going backwards through market downturns, and to maintain control of resources, accessing these without penalty, fees, or restrictions.

Individual client needs and desires drive our formulation of blueprints and strategies; individual client objective is the driver as well as the centerpiece of what we do.

Take Control

Our primary goal is to help clients meet their individual financial milestones while building towards an ultimate retirement where taxes are minimized or altogether eliminated. Let us be your trusted guide to help you navigate through all of life's financial events. 

With our experience and industry expertise, we seek to empower our clients to take control of their own financial future.