Compare your BEST saving, investing or retirement planning strategy to the 18 advantages and guarantees of Bank On Yourself listed below…

Does your favorite strategy give you this benefit?

  • 4. If the company that holds your account experiences financial results that are better than their projected "worst-case" scenario, you may also receive a dividend, in addition to your contractually guaranteed minimum annual increase (dividends are not guaranteed, however, the companies preferred by Bank On Yourself Professionals [specially trained life insurance agents] have paid dividends every single year for more than 100 years, including during the Great Depression)
  • 5. Once credited to your account, both your guaranteed annual increase and any dividends you may have received are locked in – they don't vanish because stocks or real estate tumble
  • 6. You have peace of mind knowing that your growth (as well as your principal) in the plan are protected by a multi-layer safety net
  • 7. You don't have to depend on luck, skill, or guesswork in choosing the right stock, mutual fund or other investment, and you can stop chasing after the best way to invest your money
  • 8. If you pay for major purchases by borrowing your equity from your plan to pay cash for these items, and then pay your plan back with interest (just as an outside lender would have required you to do), you could ultimately recapture most or all of the interest you'd otherwise pay to financial institutions, and never see again
  • 10. Your plan comes with tax advantages. It's possible to get your hands on both your principal and growth with little or no tax consequences, under current tax law. Dividends you leave in your policy are not taxable. And dividends you take out are not taxed until they exceed the amount you put into the policy (your "cost-basis"), at which point you could switch to borrowing against your "cash value" tax-free, as long as the policy remains in force (as spelled out in IRS Tax Code, Section 72)
  • 11. You are in control of the equity in your plan, and you don't have to sell or liquidate your plan, investments or assets to get your hands on your equity
  • 12. You can borrow your equity in the plan and use it to buy things or to invest in anything you want, while your plan continues to grow as though you never touched a dime of it. (With the policies and companies preferred by Bank On Yourself Professionals, you receive the same guaranteed annual increase, plus any dividends that may be credited, regardless of whether you have a policy loan. Loans that are never repaid will, of course, lower policy values). You can't be turned down for a loan (as long as you have equity in the plan), and you don't have to fill out any nosy credit applications. If an emergency comes up and you have to reduce or skip some loan repayments, you won't get a black mark on your credit report or harassing calls from bill collectors
  • 13. You can predict the minimum guaranteed value of your plan in any given year (less any outstanding loans you've taken from the plan), as well as the minimum annual income you could take from the plan and for how long, so you don't have to pin your hopes for a secure financial future on luck, skill, or guessing games. (If the company that administers your plan has better financial results than its worst-case predictions, you could have additional growth.)
  • 14. You can have access to your equity in the plan to provide retirement income – when and how you want it – with no government penalties for "early" withdrawal, or for waiting "too long." There are also no penalties for taking out "too little" each year and no mandatory annual "minimum withdrawal" requirements that are typical of traditional retirement plans (and without the restrictions of 401k withdrawal rules)
  • 15. Your plan has a guaranteed value at "maturity." If you pass on before then, your family and/or favorite charities receive a guaranteed and predictable benefit that can be many times larger than the current value of your plan. And it passes to them income-tax free, according to current tax law (IRC Section 101). What this means is that your loved ones could even get money you intended to save!
  • 16. The money in your plan may be protected from creditors and lawsuits (consult with legal counsel to determine what's applicable in your state)
  • 17.Your plan is not dependent on government-sponsored programs like Social Security or Medicare, both of which are predicted to go bankrupt. You also don't need to depend on an employer to keep their pension or retirement plan promises

How many of these 18 major benefits and guarantees of Bank On Yourself does your best saving, investing or retirement planning method have? As you can see, it’s hard to beat the benefits of the Bank On Yourself method.

And how many of the advantages listed above do you wish you had?

NOTE: You could lose some of these important advantages if your policy is from the wrong company or if the wrong product is used, or if your plan is structured incorrectly. It’s not as simple as just calling up your insurance agent or buying any old whole life policy. Our experience has shown that fewer than one out of 1,000 financial representatives have the necessary knowledge to implement this properly, so be sure to work with a Bank On Yourself Professional (a life insurance agent with advanced training on this concept), who has access to the right companies and products, and has the training they need to structure the plan properly, to make sure you get all these benefits!