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Bank On Yourself ®

The Bank On Yourself ® strategy is a proven alternative to conventional money planning that gives you guaranteed, predictable growth, access to your money with no restrictions or penalties, plus tax-free retirement income withdrawals. It relies on a supercharged form of dividend-paying whole life insurance that has enjoyed positive growth every single year for nearly two centuries and puts you in control of your money and finances.

Bank On Yourself ® gives individuals and families a way to bypass the often-turbulent volatility of the stock market to grow wealth safely and predictably, using the compounding power of supercharged dividend-paying whole life insurance policies.

Bank On Yourself ® is a strategy that is being used by hundreds of thousands of folks across North America to guarantee the growth of their retirement savings and emergency funds, to provide needed cash for business expansion and college expenses, and more.

It’s like comparing apples to oranges. The Bank On Yourself ® method is a step-by-step process that builds your wealth without the nail-biting ups and downs of traditional investments.

Having doubts? Clinging to the same old “conventional wisdom” financial strategies, even though you aren’t seeing the results you were told you could expect?

We’re used to hearing naysayers. We certainly won’t hold that against you. But let’s clear this up right now: Here’s a smack-you-between-the-eyes, side-by-side analysis comparing Bank On Yourself ® with the most common traditional investment strategies.

So go ahead and compare your financial plan to Bank On Yourself ® by examining the following.

This is a multi-step process. Begin by reaching out to us via email at If you start today, you could begin to take back control of your financial future within the next 60 days, using the Bank On Yourself ® concept.

Step 1: As a Bank On Yourself ® Professional, we can answer all your questions and help you identify your key short-term and long-term personal and financial goals.

Step 2: We then create a Personalized Solution that will show you how the Bank On Yourself ® program could help you reach your primary goals. Keep in mind that each policy is custom designed. There is no one-size-fits-all policy.

Step 3: Then we help you determine how much you’ll fund your policy with and where you’ll find the funds to do it. We work at helping you restructure your finances to free up additional seed money to fund your plan.

Step 4: We then identify who should be the owner of the policy and who should be the insured. Note: As long as you are the owner of the policy, you control the policy and the money in the policy. (For that reason, neither health nor age is necessarily a barrier.)

Many couples start two policies at the same time, one for each of them, and some also start policies for each of their children.

Step 5: We then complete the insurance company’s application, finding the best company for your situation. The first premium is typically included with your application .

Step 6: Your application then goes to the insurance company’s underwriting department, which will, in most cases, require the proposed insured take a medical exam. The exam is often done in the privacy and convenience of the insured’s home or office. Policy approval takes an average of 30 days, however, in some cases, it can take up to 60 days.

Step 7: When the policy is issued, we will review it with you and you’ll have a “free look” period (which varies by state) to accept or reject the policy.

Step 8: Premium payments begin on the schedule you’ve chosen (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annually).

Step 9: Plan to meet, or at least have a phone conversation with us semi-annually to review your policy, track your progress, and make any adjustments dictated by changes in your situation.

Step 10: Based on initial and ongoing planning, you can start using your policy to become your own source of financing (typically 1-3 years after starting the policy, although you always have access to your equity in the plan). Make sure you pay your loans back just as you would be required to by a traditional financial institution. (We will assist you in strategically planning the best way to pay back your policy loans)

Step 11: Open up a new policy (based on need and cash flow) periodically to assist you in achieving even more and bigger goals.

Step 12: Once your retirement goals have been reached, you can start taking a retirement income you can predict and count on. We will assist you in structuring the way you take your income so that you do it with minimal or no tax liability (according to current tax laws).

Step 13: There is a lot of uncertainty in life, but at least when it comes to taxes, you can minimize, and in some cases, eliminate them. Your death benefit (less any outstanding loans) passes income tax-free (under current tax laws) to your loved ones, favorite charities or other beneficiaries. It’s the final grand gesture following years of great benefits that will have improved and enhanced your lifestyle.

If you’d like to thoroughly understand the ins and outs of this method, there is additional information that we can send to you in the form of either a summary of the concept, or a book that explores it in depth, which we can send either to you for free. Please feel free to make your request, at Include a cell phone number as well please.

Here Are 10 Benefits of the Bank On Yourself ® Strategy

There are benefits to using the Bank On Yourself ® strategy that simply aren’t available with traditional investments. Which ones of these are of greatest interest to you?

1. Using the Bank On Yourself ® strategy, your principal and gains are protected and locked in during down markets

Your money isn’t even in the market. Your money is in a dividend-paying whole life insurance policy. Its growth and safety are guaranteed by some of the oldest and financially strongest companies in the world: life insurance companies.

2. With Bank On Yourself ®-type policies, you get guaranteed, predictable growth

There’s none of the volatility that you’ve come to accept as normal – the ups and downs you have with the stock market, real estate, precious metals or commodities.

Let’s face it: You really don’t know what your market accounts, precious metals, or real estate will be worth tomorrow – let alone 10 or 20 years from now. Using the Bank On Yourself ® strategy, you’ll know exactly the guaranteed minimum value of your nest egg at any point in the future – even before you decide to purchase a policy.

3. The Bank On Yourself ® strategy means the growth of your money is more efficient with each passing year

Because the money in your policy grows at a compound rate, it has an exponential growth curve. It is guaranteed to grow by a larger dollar amount each year. And remember, you’ll never have a down year!

4. The Bank On Yourself ® strategy is far safer and far more practical than buying term life insurance and trying to “invest the difference”

The idea of buying term life insurance and investing the difference assumes there will come a time in your life when you won’t need life insurance, because your investments will have grown so much they’ll provide all the cash you need. But two market crashes of 50% or more – just since the year 2000 – show the folly of risking money you really can’t afford to lose.

5. With the Bank On Yourself ® concept, you have tax advantages

The money in a Bank On Yourself ®-type policy grows without being taxed. And if you do it properly, you can withdraw retirement income from your policy without owing income tax on it. There is also a death benefit that passes to your loved ones or favorite charities, income tax-free.

6. Bank On Yourself ®-type policies give you unparalleled safety

A multi-layered safety net, including oversight by 50 state insurance commissioners, gives your Bank On Yourself ®-type policy rock-solid safety. And that doesn’t even include the massive cash reserves insurance companies are required by law to maintain.

7. Bank On Yourself ® is a strategy for any economy

If ever there was an all-purpose wealth-building strategy that will work in any economy, Bank On Yourself ® is it. It has proven its strength over nearly two centuries and has weathered the booms and busts of the Great Depression, the 1980s, and the Great Recession, to name a few.

8.Bank On Yourself ® -type policies give you quick access to your money

Need money now for an emergency? Pick up the phone, call the insurance company handling your policy, and tell them you need money. They’ll ask you just two questions: (1) “How much do you need?” and (2) “Where should we send the money?”

You can borrow 85% to 90% of your policy’s cash value without completing an application and with no processing fees whatsoever. And you’ll have a check in your hands – or money will be wired into your bank account – in just a very few days

9. The Bank On Yourself ® concept allows you to use your money without liquidating (selling) your assets

Your life insurance policy stays intact when you borrow against it. If you should pass away with a loan outstanding, the loan balance will simply be deducted from your beneficiaries’ death benefit.

And with the right kind of life insurance policy, your policy values can continue to grow as if you hadn’t touched a dime of it – even with an outstanding loan. That’s the power of the Bank On Yourself ® strategy.

10. Using the Bank On Yourself ® strategy, you – not your 401(k) plan administrator or the government – are in control of your money

Try getting money out of your 401(k), and you’ll discover your account has more strings than Pinocchio. But using the Bank On Yourself ® strategy, you can access your money whenever you choose, and you you get to determine the payback schedule and frequency in order to replenish your “bank.”

Learn why Bank On Yourself is simply the best way to build long-term wealth.

Living Trusts Made Easy ®

Most people should have an estate plan for what happens to their assets after they die.

But a majority of Americans do not have an estate plan in place, and less than 25% of Americans over age 50 have a trust.

And this happens for one or more of several reasons:

  • Some people think that they don’t have enough assets
  • Or that it costs too much as you have to go and find an attorney, and their fees are really high
  • And for some it is an uncomfortable topic - people don’t like to talk about their death and so don’t plan for it
  • And some just feel that it is too complicated to get the job done. As a result, they don’t know where to start - which means that they never do!

The fact is that everybody already has an estate plan; It’s either your plan, or the government’s plan for you, because, when a person dies without having put a plan in place, the government steps in to decide who gets what.

So, two questions surface as a result:

  • Who do you want making decisions over your assets , over your healthcare, over your family’s future - you, or the government?
  • How much of your estate do you want to be paid to courts and lawyers? As opposed to having your assets go to your family, your favorite charity, wherever you would like it to go.

So, what is actually going to take place if you don’t have estate planning documents, or if you have a will, your estate is going to go through PROBATE. Probate is a COURT ACTION that determines what happens to your assets after you die.

  • So the courts decide who receives your assets. Now, if you have a will, they are going to follow your will, but you still have to go through the probate process, which is a
  • PUBLIC PROCEEDING - All of your private financial information becomes PUBLIC RECORD, and is available on the internet to people everywhere. Unfortunately, there are thieves that follow probate records so as to prey on beneficiaries when someone dies. This is one of the fastest growing sectors of identity theft. It is called, 'theft beyond the grave,' and it can be completely avoided with a living trust.
  • The process can take 3 months, 6 months, a year, and even more. There is a minimum amount of TIME required to notify creditors and give them the opportunity to respond, so the amount of time before receiving the assets can be substantial.
  • Multiple probates if assets in 2 or more states, which means multiple fees, multiple appearances, sadly, multiplied problems.
  • The price tag of probate can be thousands of dollars cost and fees - these fees can include”
    • Filing fees: In California they are currently $395; Florida $400
    • Legal notice fees
    • Bond fees - oftentimes people are required to post bond
    • Personal representative fees
    • Attorney fees
    • Appraisal fees

So the total cost of probate, depending on what state you live in could be anywhere from 1% to 8% of your estate. So for an estate worth $300,000,the costs could range from $3000 to $24,000 generally.

It could cost less than that, it could cost more. In California, a $100,000 estate can cost $8000 and more!

  • PLUS: There is the cost of TIME involved in going through the process
  • PLUS: There is the loss of PRIVACY


An online estate planning tool which has been developed over a 20 year period by attorneys working with estate planning professionals across the entire country. It is an EASY TO USE ONLINE PLATFORM THAT WALKS YOU THROUGH THE ENTIRE PROCESS OF CREATING YOUR DOCUMENTS.

The entire process is very FAST. You can create your documents in about ONE HOUR, at YOUR COMPUTER, in the PRIVACY OF YOUR OWN HOME.

It is FLEXIBLE - you can change your documents later as your circumstances change.

Very AFFORDABLE - not the thousands or tens of thousands in $ found in the probate process. There is a low cost for the entire package.

COMPREHENSIVE - A full estate planning package with the revocable living trust as the center piece, and includes the other all essential components of a well rounded comprehensive estate planning plan - provision for handling financial and healthcare decisions in the event you are incapacitated, called Durable Powers of Attorney, provision for your wishes regarding life sustaining support in the event of terminal illness, called Advanced Medical Directives, plus many more documents.

In addition, you have access to secure online storage so that all of your documents are stored electronically so you can access them later, print them out, email them.

A Will

A will is a wish document designed to inform the court of your wishes while a trust is a binding legal contract. A will gives direction regarding your wishes, but it will involve the probate process. Probate is the involvement of state government (or multiple state governments, if property is in more than one state) in the form of a judge, to oversee the execution of the will. Dying with or without a will means a probate process for you loved ones. Probate is the legal process for the government to determine how your assets are distributed, and who will care for minor children.

When a person dies with, or without a will, there are a number of probate hurdles that your beneficiaries will need to jump over:

Time - It can take from a few months to a few years depending on court backlog, complexity of the estate, as well as delays when someone steps up to contest the will. 

And with the introduction of a pandemic, and the potential of future pandemics, DELAY becomes the order of the day as court hearings are cancelled or postponed, and fewer people are allowed in the court house, if at all, dragging out the process of the settlement of an estate.

Inconvenience - At a time of grief and sorrow, loved ones are forced to deal with the court system, including making continual trips to the court house.

Stress - All of this added to the grief of losing a loved one creates a level of stress for the family that can be avoided

Expense - Fees include court costs, attorney fees, appraisal fees, etc. The entire cost can range between 1% and 8% of the estate.

Exposure - The entire probate process is open to the public via the internet. Nothing is sacred. The matters of the estate are published, which opens up the potential for theft. While identity theft impacts the living, theft beyond the grave impacts estates of those that are deceased. There are over 12 million references to theft beyond the grave online.

A Living Trust

As compared to a last will and testament, the trust accomplishes what the probate court is designed to do. All debts are paid and the remaining assets are distributed to the heirs according to the directives outlined in the trust, executed by those stipulated in the trust, most often, loved ones. Your estate is not exposed and your privacy is maintained, because there is no probate process involved when a living trust is in place. None of the hurdles that present themselves when probate is used are present with a living trust. This is because a trust is a contract (completely changeable by you at any time, as it is entirely revokable) replacing the entirely of the probate process.

To further explain the value of a living trust, as a contract under law, the grantor (owner of the trust) while still alive, makes the decisions that a probate court would have to make.

The key provisions of the trust address how assets of the estate are to be distributed much like a probate court. The differences however in having a living trust is that you not only name your heirs but also how and when they receive their inheritance. A probate court doesn’t have that authority.

The wakeup call for most people is being told that they have a plan whether they like it or not. It’s the government plan of probate. When you understand the consequences of probate court - why would you choose the government’s plan? It isn’t logical.

Can you think of one reason why you would choose the government’s plan? Maintain the privacy you have always cherished and keep the government out of your personal business. It’ a small investment now versus a major expense later. It’s your only choice.

Estate Planning For Everyone

The US legal system is expensive but protecting your family shouldn't be. Many people don't have an estate plan because they can't justify many hours of attorney fees.

We built this site to solve this problem; because everyone should have access to affordable, attorney drafted solutions to protect their family and give them peace of mind. The law is complex, our software makes it easy.

Drafted By Expert Estate Planning Attorneys

We combined a team of technology experts with Expert Estate Planning attorneys to create a new technology to bring Comprehensive Estate Plans to everyone. Thousands of hours went into creation of these documents and the software platform to make it so easy, anyone can do it.

Our attorneys have worked tirelessly to make sure these documents are compliant in all 50 states. So you can have a comprehensive estate plan, and know that it was done right!

Millions Prepare & File Taxes Online, Now You Can Prepare Your Estate Too

People have been doing their taxes with software at home for decades. We took this idea and applied it to an equally complex area, creating a Revocable Living Trust and Estate Plan. 

We have eliminated the expense, time, and complexity from the process. A simple interview asking you questions in plain language allows our system to tailor your plan to your needs.

Easy: Built For You And Me

We hate "legalese". It is an un-needed barrier between you and your plan. We work in plain English, just like you! Follow a simple step by step interview with "pop-up help" to explain specific terms unique to estate planning. You don't need any experience to build a plan customized to you!

Fast: No More Waiting

You could be printing your plan in about an hour. Our revolutionary technology streamlines the interview process, and our servers compile your documents as you complete questions. You can print your completed plan as soon as you finish the interview, no waiting!


Our technology saves you money by spreading the cost of hiring expert estate planning attorneys across thousands of users. Plus, included are FREE updates with an active account. We believe everyone should have the best and most up to date estate plan so we never charge when you make changes.


Our documents were prepared by estate planning attorneys with decades of experience helping thousands of clients nationwide. Every family situation, asset class, and bequest option is at your fingertips. Our technology allows you to build what you want and keep you in control.

Revolutionary Technology:Guides you step by step to create your customized estate plan.

Answer simple questions in plain language.


A Comprehensive Estate Plan has a Revocable Living Trust at its core. A trust allows you to maintain control over your assets during your life and pass them on exactly as you wish. A Trust can save your family thousands in probate costs and fees, protect your beneficiaries, and in some situations help maximize tax savings.


Privacy for you and your family is important. Most people do not know that a simple Last Will and Testament leaves you exposed. Every asset becomes public record. This complete loss of privacy often attracts unwanted attention from outsiders when families are already dealing with the loss of a loved one. With a funded Trust, you not only keep control, you keep everything private.


Your information is important to us. We never share your data unless you authorize it. All communications utilize SHA1/RSA 2048bit keyed SSL encryption, all data is encrypted in transit and at rest with sensitive data encrypted at 4096 bits. Independent analysis by SSL labs has given our security an "A" rating.

So why should you arrange an estate plan for you and your family? Because, If you don't have a plan, the government does … and it will cost you!

If you don't have a plan in place, the government has a "one-size-fits-all" plan that will be imposed on your family. This plan is slow, expensive, and completely public. Don't let this happen to you and your family. Get a plan in place to protect your family, your assets, and your peace of mind.

Peace of mind is finally affordable!

Protect your family, your assets, and your peace of mind with a comprehensive estate plan.