Online Living Trust Solutions

A living trust is a good way to protect your assets after your passing. Money $ense® works with you to create a living trust solution that includes all your assets and clearly identifies where they go after you die. What's more is that we offer this service online so you can get the help you need from the comfort and safety of your own home.

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Why Choose a Living Trust?

Many people choose a will as their end-of-life directive. And while a will can be a good option in some cases, a living trust offers a number of benefits that a will does not.


A will has to go through the probate process, which can be long and complicated. It includes courts, attorneys, and fees. This means that your assets aren't distributed for some time. A living trust bypasses this process, which means that your beneficiaries don't have to wait long for their inheritance. It also takes stress off your trustees.


The probate process and will are public domain, which means anyone can get involved and even contest the document. The public can also watch the probate process unfold, leaving your assets more vulnerable.

A living trust avoids the publicity of probate and is a private document. This means that it is harder to challenge.

With our help, you can design a trust that is easy to work with after your passing.

Why Choose Our Online Solution?

A living trust is easy when you have experts on your side. And we are happy to provide our online living trust services to you wherever you are. Our online services give you experienced guidance and thorough estate planning without and travel or waiting time.

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