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Financial Strategies to Secure Your Future

A financial strategy is more than an investment strategy. Sound planning involves the bigger picture of planning for life’s financial milestones, such as the purchase of a home, vehicles, college funding for children, funding investment or business opportunities that come along, as well as planning for a retirement income that cannot be out lived, and that is as tax free as possible.  By self-funding as many of life’s purchases, an individual or family can save on the tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on paying finance charges, and have that money available for use to fund whatever family needs present themselves.  This is especially important in building a retirement income.

Bank On Yourself ®    

  • Identify Financial Milestones - Self Finance Those Milestones

  • Create Liquidity By Becoming Your Own Bank

  • Create Financial Independence

  • Create A Retirement Income That Carries Minimal Taxation

Living Trusts Made Easy ®

  • Establish A Living Trust Without The High Costs Of An Attorney

  • Facilitate Ease Of Transfer Of Estate

  • Peace Of Mind Knowing That Affairs  Are In Order  

  • Maintain Your Trust Without The High Costs Of Attorney Billable Hours

Money Sense

Bank On Yourself ®

The Bank On Yourself ® concept is one of becoming your own banker, saving on the large amount of finance charges that we Americans pay in order to live life.  By restructuring finances in a manner that is conducive to savings, our clients typically find themselves in a position of increasing net worth by eliminating the waste that is inherent in conventional methods of financing life and preparing for the future.

And your funds are made available without fees, penalties, or restrictions, unlike  what you find with IRAs, 401ks, and regular mutual funds  And we eliminate the possibility of potential losses that many have seen by being in the market.

We utilize policies that grow significantly faster than what you traditionally find, turbo-charged with a little-known rider that grows up to 40 times more cash value than the average comparable policy.  This way you can grow your estate safely and competitively, without ever going backwards, as many do by being in the market. 

Take back control of your financial future; allow us to show you how.

Living Trusts Made Easy ®

Putting affairs in order includes establishing a Living Trust. We make available an inexpensive, simple, and easy process to help clients arrange for their estate plan in the privacy of their own home.  By utilizing software developed by attorneys and other professionals over the course of ten years, clients can set up their living trust much like doing their taxes using software such as TurboTax, or arranging a vacation through such internet resources as Travelocity or Expedia. 

Resources are made available to help clients get comfortable with the process, such as videos, frequently asked questions, and also a free trial that enables people to get comfortable with the input of data, as well as developing and producing their own final product by printing a living trust immediately after inputting data.