Build Wealth

With No Risk

Proven Financial Strategies for Families

No-Risk Money Planning

For decades, the Bank On Yourself ® concept has provided consistent and reliable no-risk money strategies to families all over the country. We work with you to deliver services and solutions that help build, preserve, and manage wealth.

These strategies have a long history of consistent, increasing values, despite prevailing economic conditions that have oftentimes proven to be detrimental to currently accepted, market driven solutions in order to acquire wealth.

Money Sense

Consistent & Reliable Returns

Our safe wealth-building strategies are offered with a way to bypass the often-turbulent volatility of the stock market to grow wealth safely and predictably, using the compounding power of super-charged dividend-paying whole life insurance policies.

Maintain Control of Your Money

As seasoned, experienced professionals, we continually strive to see our clients realize their financial dreams. Whether your goal is to self finance a new vehicle, a home, college for the children, an investment opportunity, as well as a tax free retirement, we have the experience and resources to help you achieve your dreams.

Money Sense